Best Kharkiv hotels

Ukraine is rich in wonderful places and historical monuments which each of it cities is famous of. Kharkiv has not accidentally had a name of the first capital a long time ago as it`s known as the 2nd by size city of the country, has unique places of interest without which it is impossible to imagine it. Megapolis is incredibly green and beautiful and is known as one of the most interesting in Ukraine. Because of this reason that city is one of important industrial regions and a place where many universities are concentrated and it is visited by large amount of tourists, business men, entrants and simple citizens of our country wishing to get acquainted with the history of the city and to stay in the best hotels which our city is also known as.

Better isn`t equal to more expensive

Where to stop is a constant question of city`s guests? As when arriving to the 2nd capital of country one wants to choose the best hotels of Kharkov for dwelling. City`s guest have a possibility to choose them a room by their taste and in compliance with their financial possibilities. Usually they choose hotels which are situated in the suburbs. Undoubtedly the price for dwelling in such hotels is pretty low but guests are obliged to spend much time of their rest for transference around the city. Disproving opinion that everything the best usually is too expensive the heart of the city offers a row of hotels with excellent service and conditions on affordable price.

About us

While choosing the best hotels of Kharkiv, city`s guests should turn their view on Hotel Antwo-Hotel. Antwo-Hotel – is a young modern comfortable hotel situated in the city center. Due to comfort and created atmosphere of rooms there will be comfortable as for tourists and for business men. For the last they offer all the conditions for conducting business negotiation and seminars.

There are several types of rooms in a hotel design of which is made in modern style. Roomы are equipped with maximum comfort, are equipped with individual conditioning systems and also offer all the necessary accessories and equipment.

To conduct a romantic supper, business or friend meeting you can in the restaurant of the hotel, to admire the beauty views of the city from bird`s flight highness and to get a gastronomic pleasure from dishes prepared by our cooks.

The hotel has already become a favorite place for rest if to judge on positive comments of our clients. With comments and all the interesting information, list of services, phone numbers and prices you can get acquainted on our sight. Due to this the best hotels of Kharkiv, such as Antwo-Hotel offers to its guests acquaintance with a hotel on the stage of planning the trip.

A hotel – is a comfortable corner which will become a temporary home for a tourist in which he could spend night, have rest while travelling and get a set of necessary services. Each of these hotels have their own advantages, price politics and level of service. Undoubtedly Antwo-Hotel is among the best hotels of Kharkiv combining in itself all these qualities. Come to us more often and stay longer besides for this occasion there is a special discount for long-term dwelling. Better than Antwo-Hotel you will never find!