Rent a hotel room in Kharkiv

Each of us at least one time in life has had a desire to change environment and leave for somewhere for several days to get acquainted with new and unknown to get rich of experiences and have rest. Ukraine is rich in wonderful places which each of its cities has. Kharkiv is deservedly known as the first capital of Ukraine and ready to offer to his guests lots of interesting and unusual cultural or in entertaining view. As any trip even small trip needs selection of dwelling. To rent a hotel room in Kharkiv is not so difficult one should to decide the criteria of choice and to make a trip plan beforehand.

Kharkiv is non boring city and can surprise by its places of interest. Places in which they are situated are interesting and picturesque. Part of them is situated in the center and others you should find around the city. Beforehand taken decision about where you are planning to stop will relieve you from long-term trip.

Way to young and promising!

Choosing where to stop everyone has his priorities depending on the trip`s purpose. However, everybody knows that every trip foresees spending most of which one wants to spend on leisure and entertainment and to get high quality of dwelling on affordable price. Hotel Antwo-Hotel is quite young but already it has presumed to challenge the veterans of the city. It is situated almost in the heart of the city and besides has a row of pluses A list of services which hotel offers:

  • standard rooms, premium and business class, and also family double in correspondence with affordable price politics;
  • all rooms are equipped with high-speed wi-fi and all the necessary modern equipment;
  • large choice of breakfasts – 3 kinds of usual and premium one. There exists also season`s breakfasts for instance Lenten breakfast;
  • everyday room cleaning.

But it`s not all hotel Antwo-Hotel will make you glad offering business class lunches, bar, and restaurant, banquet hall for conducting festive enterprises and also the billiards, karaoke party, online broadcasting of football matches. Hotel`s staff which knows foreign languages will not let you be bored and won`t let you get lost in Kharkiv to foreign guests having offered taxi services and also help in searching for excursions and walking route.

Gorky Park with new attractions which is known as Kharkiv`s Disney land is the most compact street, vanguard sculptures and unusual houses, art-center and many others the city can offer to its guests. Plan you trip taking to rent a hotel room in Kharkiv should be booked beforehand. There are large variety of variants but only a few deserve your attention. Choosing Antwo-Hotel you will get maximum comfort on affordable price.