Hotels and motels in Kharkov

Travel is an indispensable attribute of modern life. Comfort to the maximum, the atmosphere of warmth, comfort – the desire of every person away from his or her native places. Hotels and motels in Kharkov – the choice of which influences the success of the event. You need a correct approach to finding your second home.

Convenient location. Good transport interchange, proximity to the city center – this will quickly and effectively solve all the tasks during the trip. In addition, the saved time can be spent on visiting sights, recreation and walks.

Comfortable room. A full rest is always important, especially during business trips. It should take into account the correspondence of the number to the current standards – from safety engineering to sanitary standards. A spacious comfortable bed, a clean bathroom and air conditioning are the basic requirements that must be taken into account.

Democratic prices. Saving money is topical, especially for our time. A professional approach to management makes it possible to reduce the cost of a wide range of services. Therefore, it is realistic to get the maximum service at a reasonable price.

Free guarded parking. There are always enough parking spaces, fresh air, less noise – the possibilities that the yard opens outside the room window. However, the building next to the roadway is not the best option.

Bar-restaurant. No additional costs – ordering the menu in the room, business lunch without leaving the building, business dinner.

Competent staff. The friendly service that we provide, mitigate possible problems accompanying travel. Moreover, an exclusive approach, such as consulting, helps to solve even business matters faster. An employee with the knowledge of English – help with working with foreign partners. Now we will present: Hotels and motels of Kharkov – round the clock service and the sympathetic maître d’hôtel guarantees that the trip will be successful.

Presence of a green zone. The square or park near the place of settlement – gives fresh air and aesthetic pleasure. In addition, evening walks – this is a good way to remove tension after a busy day.

Free WI-FI. The Internet has penetrated almost every sphere. Financial operations, information retrieval, teleconferences are in demand by the business environment. Broadband access allows you to quickly resolve all issues related to working in a global network without leaving the room.

We, Antwo-Hotel team, do not just have all the above requirements. Every visitor for us is a native person. Hospitality and courtesy, home warmth and peace – a dream that we give to you.

Sincerely yours, Antwo-Hotel.